Private Investigation Services in Oxford

Briggs & Holmes Specialist Private Investigation services are both an affordable and cost effective route to the discovery of shall we say, misdemeanours… We are one of the UK’s leading Investigation and Detective Agencies and we have significant years of experience in our field.

Available Internationally, Nationally, and locally, our professional team attend to both domestic and commercial clients. Briggs & Holmes are members of the Association of British Investigators, the only UK Law Society approved association in the UK.

Experienced Private Investigators

Our investigators have significant years of experience in covert operation which translates to a very high case success rate. Irrespective of size, budget, or need, Briggs & Holmes treat all client cases with the same exacting standards of professionalism and client care. Our organisation is inherently and absolutely secure, and with our industry leading client discretion & privacy, both client confidentiality and satisfaction is our very highest priority. Our Private Detectives work to your budget, timescale, objectives and direction.Each is highly trained, and typically from a Government services background, e.g.Police, Customs, Intelligence services, bringing with them the requisite knowledge and experience one would expect from such a highly trained ex officer of the law.

Are you in need of locating a person?

Do you suspect a cheating partner?

Are you the victim of fraud?

We absolutely understand and appreciate that this may be a first time that you need our Private Investigation services, and you are perhaps uneasy with having to pursue this avenue of enquiry. Please fear not and please get in touch as soon as you can. For your absolute peace of mind we have both Male and Female team members to guide and advise you on the many options and services we can provide. All of our team are highly qualified and fully trained to be as helpful and courteous to you our most valued prospective client.

Technology Driven Investigative Operations

With state of the art Technology as a key ally, Briggs & Holmes results driven culture and ultra-high standards of operation deliver ongoing success where historically other organisations in our space have simply failed. When coupled to our truly expert Investigators, the technology we use cannot be subverted, altered, or interfered with, and is by design fully submissible in a Court of Law as a primary evidence source. It’s also very much integral to our business that we procure and use the very latest kit in most cases upgrading at least annually to stay fully ahead of the targets we are hired to observe and record.

Do you require professional Private Investigation services?

Please feel free to contact us for free advice or a quotation for our Private Investigation services. Our client care team is standing by ready to assist you in any way we can to bring a swift resolution to your needs.