Fraud Investigation in Oxford

Once armed with sufficient information from you or your business, Briggs and Holmes Fraud Investigation division will endeavour to obtain key evidence to convict a fraudster.

Claiming “No-one really gets hurt” or “Everyone will just pay a little bit more on their policy” is not the type of crude explanation we like to hear. Fraud is very real, perpetrated on a global level, and statistically it's increasing.

Expert Fraud Investigation Team

The Briggs & Holmes Fraud Team is trained to the very highest of investigatory standards. The Briggs & Holmes Lead fraud investigator has decades of experience managing fraud teams in the Capital City of London and UK. As a result, our Team have in depth knowledge of fraudsters, how they work, where they work, and most crucially, where they leave a hidden trail for our Team to follow.

Fradulent Benefit Claims

Is someone making illegal profits?

Fradulent Accidental Damage

Do you suspect a recent claim?

Claim Exaggeration

Are the numbers looking odd or excessive?

Professional Fraud Investigation Services

The Briggs & Holmes Fraud investigation team work diligently on your behalf to resolve any fraudulent matter quickly, and easily – and with minimum stress for you our most valued client.

Do you require professional Fraud Investigation services?

If you are a local business, an individual, a local authority or corporation, you can be affected by fraud at any time, Briggs and Holmes are here to assist you. Fraud can be committed in a variety of different ways, and someone, somewhere, ALWAYS gets hurt…