GPS Vehicle Tracking in Bournemouth

We deploy the very latest in GPS Vehicle & Asset tracking technology for client assignments. Our state of the art devices will be covertly installed without any tampering, damage, side effect, or interference in normal operating parameters and our systems will then monitor the whereabouts of your Vehicle or Asset anywhere on the Globe, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

GPS Trackers are an excellent and very cost effective manner by which you can monitor a Partner, Spouse, Children, Carer, Nanny, or Employee. Deployment is made for an initial fee, with retrieval included on completion of the observation window.

GPS Asset Tracking

The state of the art tracking devices we use can also be deployed to sensitive assets, within travel luggage, or covertly within parcels. We can flip our device into flight mode, and you can track and trace your important assets at a moment’s notice with absolute peace of mind.

If it was illegal to use these devices then rest assured Briggs & Holmes would not be deploying these techniques. As a professional services organisation we could not and would not violate the Law of England, Europe, or any other Country or Continent we operate within. All Briggs & Holmes operatives are fully trained to deploy these devices in strict accordance with the law and our internal code of conduct, and ethical standards of operations.

Device Discovery

What happens if the GPS device is discovered? Quite simply, not a lot! Our devices are encrypted, not attributable or traceable to Briggs & Holmes, will be remotely wiped automatically, and are rendered useless to the possessor. A nice paperweight is about the best future a device can hope for!

Do you require professional Vehicle Tracking services?

Where you as an employer have a duty of care for your organisation our devices can be deployed to isolated employees that require monitoring, and with the ability to report emergency situations via an alert method. Briggs & Holmes can then provide precision tracking of movement via Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer, either by one of our highly trained operatives, or by our clients themselves. If required our clients can also have real-time, up to the second tracking. Our systems can also send smart notifications, SMS messages, emails, direct to your elected end point, and issue weekly or monthly reports in the format of your choice e.g. PDF. The report will detail route travelled, time of travel, time at location, and the speed of the vehicle or asset being tracked.